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The Shadow Histories is a six volume series of novels and this is my chance to provide some background information.  The site also showcases some of my additional personal projects and lists brief details of my years as a writer, concepts designer, illustrator, CGI artist and animator.

The first two volumes of The Shadow Histories are now available on Kindle and there are trailers on You Tube. The Shadow Histories also has its own Face Book page.

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For decades I have worked as an artist, illustrator and concepts designer and this is a chance to put some of my personal favourites on display.

 2013 was the tenth anniversary of the release of Tomb Raider VI Angel Of Darkness. As lead writer for AOD I spent almost three years of my creative life on the project and it was a massively formative part of my professional writing career. I still get asked questions about the back story and the concepts that I created. There was a flurry of renewed interest in my writing for the project which was welcome, even if ten years late.


 So, about where those ideas for AoD came from? ... here are a few answers.

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