Kids’ stuff. Black and white.

I have always sketched in my spare time.  Doodling is a wonderful way to relax and I usually jot down ideas for children’s book, anything that comes to mind really. Often they are whimsical scribbles in a cartoony style that I find charming. I used to fill pages and pages with sketches and notes. In many cases the thoughts would not progress beyond that. This was because I was usually chasing a deadline on some other project. Sometimes I’d get chance to complete a couple of pages in ink but a large proportion of my sketch ideas remain roughed out pencils only. I find anyone’s sketch books fascinating and some of my own quickly scribbled pages are personal favourites. The ideas remain so fresh and vibrant. Some day – some day, it would be a delight to find the time to take them to a more completed stage of development – some day.

Kiddy Comic pages.

I still draw comic pages of particularly happy memories or places that intrigue me. The sweet shop is one example. When my granddaughter lived with me I used to illustrate the adventures we had together. This was an attempt to capture the childhood magic that can slip away so easily as time passes. It worked! I can look at these pages and the memories come flooding back. Enduring magic!

Kids’ Stuff  Black & White