City Tales

This is a 38x page, wordless comic completed in 1978 chronicling the last ‘normal’ man alive in a post-apocalyptic world of mutating vegetation, giant ants, tribal savages and carnivorous ice lice. Several pages appeared in a variety of fanzines at the time but the entire comic was due to be published by Ar Zak Birmingham Arts Lab run by Hunt Emerson. The cover even appeared on posters announcing the coming publications. What happened? Well, the entire set of originals were sent to Holland – and vanished! I only got them back about 12 years later, still in the original packaging – and Hunt had no idea what had gone wrong except that they simply turned up unexpectedly. That must be a world record for a missed deadline.

The comic had several interesting contributions: a back page from John Higgins, now famous as the colourist of WATCHMEN (amongst other terrific work of course). Also, Bryan Talbot contributed a letterhead logo for a quarter page insert entitled SHUTDOWN. I used to contribute dozens of pieces of artwork for Dave Taylor’s Nebula fanzine in the 1970’s, and Dave contributed several ideas for City Tales.

And last but not least Russ Nicholson inked 8x pages of two episodes. A panoply of apologies to Russ, with whom I lost contact before the original work turned up again. Where are you now Russ?