The Shadow Histories is a six volume series of retro-futuristic adventure novels intended for mature teenagers. The heroine is twelve year old Cody Conmar, an individual with a mysterious past and unsuspected abilities who is threatened by dark forces from within the shadow world.

The first two volumes.

The Empty Land and The Severed Twin, are written. This project has been in development since 1999, although some material dates as far back as the 1980’s. Artwork, monster designs and character sketches have all been completed. There are detailed biographies of all characters, as well as back stories for the entire post-Event world of Recovering Britain. There are also extensively cross referenced indexes and flow charts and a dictionary of the Aelim language Caebimhir. For the most part real life locations have been used to establish this created world.

This project is an attempt to create something genuinely new in the way of story telling, drawing on my years of writing, my time spent as a concepts designer and artist in TV and my extensive experience in the computer games industry.



Twelve year old Cody Conmar is unaware of her true destiny and nature. Her life in a quiet Cheshire village protects her from the forces which have raged in the shadows of human history for centuries. But the Aelim-Chameleon wars are about to erupt into her life sweeping her along in a conflict that will change her world forever.

She must awaken to who she is and rediscover the extent of her astonishing abilities in order to master arcane weaponry, battle Orowghasts, Vil-kind, Bestials and the voracious Chameleon predators. If only she can identify who her true allies are…it may be possible to avert the coming of a second darkness to the recovering Isles of  Britain.