There is also a huge amount of concept art for characters, locations and arcane artefacts intended to establish a distinctive sense of style. And for those who love invented languages I give you Caebimhir with its varied flourishes and embellishments found in the Quenellan form.

Obviously I’ve been impatient to see the work finished and published during the last twelve years, but time taken has been time well spent. The first two volumes are finished and each subsequent volume is plotted out in detail. I know exactly where I want my heroine Cody Conmar to be by the time the final chapter of the final book is reached – which does not mean there won’t be a good many surprises along the way, both for myself as well as the readers


Glyphs and Symbols.

Glyphs and symbols have been an integral aspect of the creation of The Shadow Histories since the saga began to take form over ten years ago. They were one of the first coherent elements to indicate to me what the underlying truths of the Shadow world might be and they best represent the mysteries that underpin Cody Conmar’s world. There are ancient beings guiding the world, fighting to protect or dominate it, and it is through their glyphs and symbols that we glimpse a tiny fraction of the truth.

Aelim script.

Caebimhir is the unwritten language of the most ancient of these beings. The written form, Quenellan, is at best an approximate representation of this ancient Aeld Tunge, scraps of which are sometimes uncovered in ancient manuscripts or carved onto prehistoric stones. Who are the Aelim…? Ah, now. That would be telling.


Sigils are symbols of power and contain lines and markings of immense potency. They also contain meaning, significances capable of interpretation by those adept in the transcription of such mysteries. Some Tibetan mandalas are examples of sigils.

Target readership: my aim is to appeal to an active minded mature teenage readership literate in film, novels, graphic novels and computer game references within the adventure genre. Equally I aim to appeal to all readers appreciative of a genuinely literate style of story telling packed with adventure, exciting concepts, cool characters and the thrill of fast paced innovative ideas. I strongly believe this can be done in a story telling form and style that does not pander to superficial trendiness and yet engages teenagers’ interest, even their passion.

Multi-media: the series has been planned to maximise multi media exploitation as downloadable books, games, graphic novels, audio books and film.