A six part TV series for Tyne Tees Television that aired in 1994.

I worked as Associate Producer & Production Designer on this series. I designed characters, props and costumes and headed the Art Department during the 8x week shoot at Elstree Studios. I also performed two non-speaking parts, which was one of the few times I got to use my miming skills.

Illustrations for the novelisation of the TV series by Paul Springer were taken from my working concept designs for the production. They were only pencil sketches but seemed to do the job.

The Ink Thief was originally the brain child of Steve Hanson, an incredibly talented illustrator and ideas man. Astonishingly he wasn’t credited in the book, although he was on the TV credits…I think. Copies of the episodes are unavailable.

 It should be remembered that it was Steve’s brilliant concepts that got everybody fired up in the first place.

The Ink Thief Intro.