This is the first volume of a children’s illustrated series called Tales of Burrwoodsly Moss.

It was completed in 1988, and its sixteen densely packed pages evoke the magic of the Christmas season in the world of mice (oh, there’s also a hedgehog…and an owl).

The other three volumes will be the remaining seasons, spring, summer and autumn.

The last four sketches are from the second planned volume for which both the story and artwork has been completed.

In 1987 I sent pages of the finished artwork to another of my favourite artists, Norman Thelwell, humbly enquiring whether he would consider writing a foreword for the book should I ever get a publisher. He happily agreed, saying the drawings had great charm and he would be willing to write such a foreword. We corresponded several times over the next two years and he even advised me on certain improvements in technique.

When I finished the book I let him see the whole thing and his return letter arrived with a reworked sketch of mine to show how he would treat the subject. Such generosity of spirit and time! Unfortunately the great man died before I found a publisher.

The Mouse Book Intro.