Characters. These sketches are not intended as definitive representations of the characters, but rather as an indication of each individual’s appearance. I always liked to do a character sheet of every individual that appeared in the stories but this has now become difficult as the writing chores absorb every spare waking breathing second of my time.

Locations. All locations used in the stories are based on real places in the world – except that it is not in the same world as the one we know. The global disaster of the Bloom outbreak and the Ice Year of 1991 made sure of that. Clayton Bar is based on an authentic Cheshire village in sight of Beeston Castle in the west of the county.

Glyphs, symbols and Sigils. Glyphs and symbols are an integral part of the world of the Shadow Histories. As only scraps of the ancient glyphic writings have been recorded it is a difficult system to decipher.  Sigils are symbols of power containing lines and markings of great potency and meaning. They can be read in similar ways to the mandala circles of Tibet and the east.

Caebimhir is the spoken language of ancient beings or Aelim. There is a written form called Quenellan, of which some examples have been discovered carved onto stones in prehistoric sites. It is claimed that some manuscripts of great antiquity contain transcripts of ancient Quenellan tracts.

The Shadow Histories Intro.