Tomb Raider

My involvement  on Tomb Raider VI Angel of Darkness. 2000-2003.   

Some time in 1999 I was asked by a good friend to do some dialogue for Fighting Force 2 for Core Games in Derby. I’d known him from Psygnosis a few years before. He knew I was trying to get into script writing, so he’d called me on the off chance. Was I interested? Er…very definitely. He arranged for me to submit a selection of dialogue samples and I very quickly got the go ahead to produce a block of generic scripts. It all went fine. I was paid and that was that.

In May of 2000 I was asked to go to Derby to pitch for some writing work on Tomb Raider VI (untitled at that time). This was one of the highest profile games on the market and I was pretty excited to be asked. I drove over two days later and had it explained to me that a small team had been working for six months on a story idea but they were bogged down. A fresh approach was needed to kick start the project. What could I do for T.R.6? Did I have any ideas? Did I! Good grief!

Covering my surprise I improvised on the spot, not having come prepared for anything more than being asked to provide some dialogue. I got into my stride and outlined a whole stream of possibilities that I thought might prove a new direction for T.R.6.  I was pretty expansive with my ideas and it seemed to go down well. Well enough for me to be asked what I would want paying as lead writer on the project. I thought quickly, came up with a figure, doubled it and said what would make me happy. The response was immediate. Ok. Fine. When could I start?  The answer was - immediately, and in fact I turned up a couple of weeks later at the beginning of June.

Gears were engaged. The juggernaut was rolling.

It was one of the most thrilling interview experiences I’d ever had, and if fact the first year on Angel Of Darkness was one of the most exhilarating periods in my creative life.