My contribution to Tomb Raider VI – Angel of Darkness as Lead writer.

In the crucial early stages of AOD I was responsible for the overall story and for maintaining the coherence of the story elements throughout the game’s three year development. The suggestion was that I would create a storyline capable of carrying two, possibly three games altogether. As it turned out the latter chapters of the over arcing story only ever got as far as brief sketch notes because there was so much pressure to get the first game rolling. I created and developed many of the core concepts and characters as well as the key locations, artefacts crucial for carrying the story and artefacts essential to many of the puzzles.


I wrote extensive character backgrounds and early histories of fictional organisations and crucial artefacts central to the story. Extensive research of actual historical roots was done for characters and concepts used in AOD such as authentic Latin translations of ingame texts. I produced in-game dialogue, auditioned and selected character actors for the speaking parts and directed the recording sessions with the performers in London including the great Joss Ackland as the villain Eckhardt. I had been asked to come up with a companion adventurer for Lara capable of creating a new franchise character – result Kurtis Trent.

In the later stages of development I wrote, checked and corrected data for a spin off board game & mobile phone games. Somehow I also found time to outline a variety of possible Tomb Raider offshoot games featuring Kurtis Trent, an Eckhardt game and a game scenario set during the early days of the war between the Lux Veritatis and the Cabal. None of this had chance to go anywhere because of the poor reception that Tomb Raider VI got when released in 2003.

2003 release and public response.

The public response was not good, quite rightly, as the game did not play well. Far too much of the programming was rushed and because of this many of the essential story elements had to be cut making it almost incoherent.

This has all been documented in an Edge Magazine article by Mark Walbank back in Dec 2007 so I won’t labour the point here. It’s worth a read though. I even had some of my Shadow Histories artwork printed in that article because Mark was kind enough to include mention of what I was currently working on.