A.O.D  Enthusiasts.

One of the most surprising aspects of working on AOD was the slow-burn fan response. For several years I was unable to face reading anything about the game thinking it had sunk without trace and my labour of love, my multi-layered story elements and hidden clues had gone unappreciated.

Not so.

There were people out there who were intrigued enough to dig into the richly layered background material. It was only three years after the game’s release that I became aware that there was any interest at all. Significant numbers of highly enthusiastic fans of AOD were exploring and enthusing about the story elements. The game’s tragic crash and burn trajectory had not obliterated it completely. Even today, six years later, there are dedicated websites and discussion forums.


My response to the Edge Magazine article in full.

For anyone interested the following is my full (8xpage) response to the questions asked me for Mark Walbank’s article. I was glad to have the opportunity to put the record straight, there having been so many rumours floating around for so long.