Eyeshield 21 Jersey

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Eyeshield 21 Jersey

Eyeshield 21 Jersey

コスプレ! アイシールド21. I like to thank everyone who has shown interests in the Eyeshield Devil Bats Jersey. Here is a list of the users that have ordered. LunaPokema - Small #21

FANDOM Powered By Wikia. Takeru Yamato (大和猛, Yamato Takeru) is the running back for Teikoku Alexanders and is the original Eyeshield 21 before Sena officially became the Real Eyeshield 21 after beating Yamato at the Christmas Bowl.

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The Real Eye Shield 21. well,Sena plays as Running Back (RB) position for the Devil Bats.and he wears the jersey by the number 21.and he also wears an eyeshield on his helmet,in order to keep the EyeShield 21 identity unknown.

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