Katakana Words

Posted by on September 06, 2017

Katakana Words

Learn Japanese. Some examples of words in Katakana. Translating English words into Japanese is a knack that requires quite a bit of practice and luck. To give you a sense of how English words become “Japanified”, here are a few examples of words in Katakana.

Borrowed Bliss: 75+ Katakana Words To Jump-start Your. What Is Katakana? 片仮名 (かたかな) — Katakana is a Japanese writing system used to transcribe foreign words, sound effects, titles and loan words into readable and writable Japanese words.

Katakana Words

Strange Katakana Words. Have you ever stared at a katakana word, wondering what it could be? These are the stumpiest of the stumpers.

Wikipedia. Katakana (片仮名, かたかな, カタカナ, Japanese pronunciation: ) is a Japanese syllabary, one component of the Japanese writing system along with hiragana, kanji and in some cases the Latin script (known as rōmaji).

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Vancouver Island University. Match the foreign-borrowed Japanese words on the right with the Katakana words on the left.

Video of Katakana Words

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