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APIs 101: What Exactly is an API? Part 1

APIs 101: What Exactly is an API? Part 1

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Duration: 07:05

Date: 2017-07-07T20:41:55.000Z - This series is for those who want to learn more about APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Maybe you read about them on Fortune magazine or somewhere else on the net. You want to get smart and to be able to have a conversation. We’re going to deliver to you today, a basic to intermediate understanding "What is an API", and how they’re important. What sort of benefits you can get if you start to put them to use in your organization. In the first part of our API 101 video series, we build on concepts such as an API being a User Interface (UI) that is different from the UIs that we are used to such as the User Interface on a smart phone. We all know what to do with them. We can see them, use them, touch them, and we all have an expectation of how it’s supposed to work. Machines need their own interfaces, they don’t have brains, fingers or eyes. They need their own understanding of how to talk to each other. That understanding is what we call a contract.

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