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Next Gen story synopsis


Lara has changed since Egypt, become darker, harder, less tolerant. Her tomb raiding days are over. And she is on the run, framed for murdering Von Croy in Paris.

Von Croy was asked by a sinister client named Eckhardt to track down one of five 14th century artworks, the Obscura Paintings. Now Von Croy has been murdered and Lara is in the frame as a suspect.
Lara gets dragged into the dark parallel world of a serial killer – the Monstrum and the even darker world of blood, betrayal and vengeance spanning hundreds of years. She becomes the target of faceless forces wielding dangerous powers she can only begin to guess at. To clear her name she must uncover the shroud of mystery surrounding the sinister client Eckhardt and the five Obscura Paintings. There is also a link between Eckhardt and the Monstrum that needs checking out.

The trail left by Von Croy leads Lara deep into the Paris underworld. Even here fear of the Monstrum has terrorised gangs used to murderous violence. No one, it seems, is immune.
Piecing together clues from Von Croy’s recent past Lara eventually arrives at the Louvre where she encounters a kindred spirit in Kurtis Trent, a hardened adventurer like herself also on the trail of the paintings for reasons of his own.

When the trail takes her to the Strahov Complex in Prague it becomes clear that massive cover-ups have obscured all of Eckhardt’s Monstrum activities.  He is protected by a shadowy group called The Cabal. This alliance of five powerful individuals provides extensive financial backup and shielding for Eckhardt in exchange for the promise of longevity.  Eckhardt already seems to possess a freakish immortality and may well be the Black Alchemist mentioned in texts from as far back as the 1400’s.

Eckhardt’s ambitions are devious and long ranging not to say megalomaniac. He plans to re-establish an ancient race called the Nephilim by a series of breeding programmes. This race are believed to have certain powers which he wants to make use of for his own purposes.

Inside the Strahov Complex he has an inert but living Nephilim as captive. From this ‘sample’ he has been trying to extract ‘living essences’ [DNA].  By gathering together the five Obscura Paintings and releasing something concealed within them he will boost his arcane powers and be able to unlock all Nephilim secrets. Using his own unique hybrid of alchemy and hi-tech science to control the revitalised race Eckhardt will be unstoppable.

At the Strahov Lara runs into grotesque breeding experiments hidden away in the subterranean levels below the Cabal’s stronghold. She also teams up with Kurtis Trent who is hell bent on destroying Eckhardt for murdering his father..."

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Next Gen full synopsis


Lara is being pursued by police through dark rain swept back streets. She is unarmed. Over police shortwave radios we hear that the serial killer The Monstrum has struck again. Lara is the prime suspect.
2/ She arrives at Margot Carvier’s, a colleague and friend of Von Croy. She is wary of Lara but hands over Von Croy’s notebook as she has been requested. It contains notes and dog-eared photos of Five Paintings. Von Croy was researching these for a sinister client who has terrified him. Von Croy found evidence of one presently in the Louvre and another possibly imported from Russia into Prague recently.
3/ News over the radio reports the grisly death of noted archaeologist and academic Von Croy brutally butchered in his apartment. Lara’s recall of events is muddled. All she remembers is arguing and shots but nothing more until she woke, concussed in a back alley. That’s when the gendarmerie started firing on her. She cannot honestly say she did not kill Von Croy but she knows she is incapable of the reported butchering. Obviously she has been framed. But by whom? And why?
4/ Lara explains to Margot Carvier how she came reluctantly to Paris because of Von Croy’s terrified calls for help. His research, his anonymous client and a possible stalker have him badly scared. Margot Carvier knows a little about Von Croy’s troubles but is getting increasingly agitated herself. When she threatens to call the police Lara has to hoof it.
5/ Protesting her innocence to the police does not appeal to Lara and she decides to follow the trail left by Von Croy. She needs to find out more about this sinister client. Part of what Von Croy was trying to tell her at his apartment is coming back in snatches. Something about a link between his research, the five paintings and the serial killer. But it is all very fragmented.
6/ She has to clear her name. And there’s the matter of revenge for Von Croy. She needs to check out the painting in the Louvre.
7/ Not having come to Paris expecting danger she needs specialist gear, possibly even firearms. And she know where to get hold of exactly what she needs, no questions are asked. She has the right contacts.
Louis Bouchard runs an underworld operation providing anything. For the right price. Lara has to deal with various dangerous underworld characters, as well as Bouchard. Any of them might be prepared to turn her in. She has to pickup packages, make rendezvous and avoid police informers. If she makes all the right moves she will get the gear she needs and make it to her next point intact..."

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Next Gen short synopsis OLD VERSION


Lara has changed since Egypt, become darker, harder, less tolerant. Her tomb raiding days are over. Her moods and interests fit more with the criminal underclasses than the British Museum. And she is on the run, framed for murdering Von Croy in Paris.

Von Croy became terrified by a sinister client named Eckhardt who hired him to track down one of five 14th century artworks, the Obscura Paintings. Now Von Croy has been murdered and Lara is in the frame as a suspect.

Whilst on the run she is dragged into the dark parallel world of a serial killer – the Monstrum. She becomes the target of faceless forces wielding dangerous powers she can only begin to guess at. To clear her name, and make sense of Von Croy’s gruesome killing, she must uncover what Eckhardt wants all five of the mysterious paintings for.

The trail leads her into the grim underworlds of Paris and Prague. She decides to track down the painting that Von Croy believed was in the Louvre. Whilst breaking in there she encounters a kindred spirit in Kurtis Trent, a hardened adventurer like herself.

Kurtis has a family history that links him to the serial killer and the bizarre origins of the legends which surround Eckhardt who is in fact the Monstrum. Kurtis has specific reasons of his own for wanting to see Eckhardt put down, including his father’s death at the hands of the madman.

Through her underworld contacts (an arms dealer and a discredited Czechoslovakian ex-detective) it becomes clear that there are massive cover-ups linking Eckhardt’s Monstrum activities. A series of arcane symbols daubed at two murder scenes match inscriptions Lara finds on the Louvre painting. What begins to emerge is a history of blood, betrayal and vengeance pursued across hundreds of years.
Amongst her contacts and strangers Lara occasionally meets an enigmatic character who appears from time to time in various guises and leads her in helpful directions. [This is the Shapeshifter - some subtle feature distinguishes him each time Lara  encounters him/her - the feature as yet undecided].

The trail leads to the Strahov Complex, a vast rambling stronghold in Prague run by a shadowy group called The Cabal. Each of this group has extensive financial empires world wide and a belief in the occult and the modern application of alchemic principles. These five modern alchemists are motivated by greed and the hope of a freakish form of longevity promised by Eckhardt.
Eckhardt has more devious ambitions. Using ancient alchemical processes he plans to become something more than human and to rule over a race of beings, The Nephilim, that he plans to reintroduce through a secret breeding programme. The Nephilim was a race that existed in early biblical times but was exterminated leaving only a handful of survivors. Believed to be the descendants of mortals and angels they had certain powers which Eckhardt wants to breed back into being for his own use..."

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AoD full story bullet points

1/ PARIS STREETS – dark, angular shadows, rainswept - film‘7’.
Half playable – half cut scene with credits
  • Lara is on the run chased by the police - Lara can use new stealth gameplay to avoid the police.
  • Over the Police shortwave we hear Lara is a murder suspect.
  • We see a newspaper board highlighting the words ‘MONSTRUM’.
  • All she has is a name and address on piece of paper – she is not armed.
  • Lara tells Carvier that Von Croy is dead.
  • Carvier has heard about a Monstrum killing on the news – puts the two together –      uncertain of Lara.
  • Lara has no clear recall of events at Von Croy’s – fragmented images.
  • Carvier says Von Croy was fearful because of a 14th century Obscura      Painting he was tracing for a client – Eckhardt.
  • Lara has to trick or persuade Carvier out of the notebook.
3/ STREET LOCATION – a place to keep low till the next day – café, warehouse.
Lara reads Von Croy’s notebook. It mentions:
  • the client’s name, Eckhardt, who is after a Painting.
  • The Louvre – where an Obscura Painting might be.
  • Le Serpent Rouge – a night club.
  • Louis Bouchard – a Parisian gangster.
  • Odd symbols.
  • A second Obscura Painting – in Prague, Mathias Vasiley.
*LARA ADDS HER OWN NOTES TO VON CROY’S NOTEBOOK* She can refer to this throughout the game.
  • Lara  talking to various street characters asking for:
  • Le Serpent Rouge
  • Louis Bouchard
  • Possibly cashes/pawns sovereigns for francs?
  • Le Serpent Rouge is shut down.
  • Lara ends up in a Café and meets owner Jean-X.
  • Jean-X says Bouchard has gone underground elsewhere with his club and operations.
  • Jean-X proposes an exchange with Lara. If she retrieves a cache of money hidden in Le Serpent Rouge and he will give her a contact for Bouchard’s relocated secret club – La Mur (The Wall).  
5a/ Lara retrieves the cash cache from Le Serpent Rouge and hands it over.
  • Jean-X gives her a password and a contact in a decrepit apartment block.
  • At the apartments the contact tells her how to find La Mur.
  • She clambers off around buildings and over rooftops, through cluttered courtyards etc.
  • The club is very seedy, guarded by dogs on chains.
  • Lara breaks in – comes across mortally wounded henchman in sick bed.
  • Gets to see Louis Bouchard in the main part of the club.
  • Bouchard admits helping Von Croy.  
  • Bouchard and Von Croy discussed getting into the Louvre.
  • Bouchard can provide the same contacts he gave Von Croy.
  • Bouchard’s own men are being gruesomely killed by someone.  
  • All ‘business’ is suspended because of increased police activity and the faceless serial killer..."

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Full story bullet points

(See chart ‘Flashbacks’.)
Open up on a Jackal headed walking stick, Von Croy’s room badly smashed about, scenes from Egypt, Lara with a mysterious desert Shaman, ugly daubings on a wall, an alchemical symbol. We see the Shaman give Lara an Amulet. Lara gets chased through dark streets by police, loses her backpack to dogs.

1/ A BACKSTREET COURTYARD – dark, angular shadows, rainswept - film‘Se7en’. The TRAINING AREA where the SHAMAN and AMULET icon are introduced. Whenever Lara attempts some new task she can choose to enter the training zone and take advice from the Shaman.

1a/ She gets out of the courtyard and is chased by police into an apartment and up onto the rooftops.
  • Over the Police shortwave we hear Lara is a murder suspect.
  • All she has is a name and address on a piece of torn, bloodstained fax sheet, which is also covered in alchemic alphabet letters.
  • She is not armed.
  • Possibly see a newspaper or news poster with the word MONSTRUM amongst other French chatter.

  • Lara tells Carvier that Von Croy is dead.
  • Carvier has heard about a Monstrum killing on the news – puts the two together – uncertain of Lara.
  • Lara has no clear recall of events at Von Croy’s – fragmented images.
  • Carvier says Von Croy was fearful because of a 14th century Obscura Painting he was tracing for a sinister client called Eckhardt.
  • Lara has to trick or persuade Carvier out of the notebook then run for it.
3/ DESERTED RAILWAY SIDING – ZONE TWO. A derelict railway carriage. Lara reads VON CROY’S NOTEBOOK. It mentions:
  • the name of the client who is after the   Painting - Eckhardt.
  • The Louvre – where an Obscura Painting might be.
  • Louis Bouchard – a Parisian gangster.
  • Von Croy buying a gun for self protection.
  • Pages of odd archaic symbols including the detail that one crucially potent symbol is hidden beneath the Obscura Painting’s surface.
  • A second Obscura Painting found in Prague by a Mathias Vasiley.
**LARA ADDS HER OWN NOTES TO VON CROY’S NOTEBOOK** She can refer to this throughout the game. On occasion we can hear her read from it.
4/ ON THE STREETS - Lara talking to various street characters asking for Louis Bouchard. Can take various approaches – F (friendly) or U (unfriendly). Some lines of enquiry will also trigger a C (context) linked response. She finds out that;
  • Louis Bouchard is an underground czar of crim.
  • Bouchard ran a club, Le Serpent Rouge, but it is now shut down and deserted.
  • Bouchard has gone underground and now runs a new club called Le Mur.
  • In a café we catch first sight of Kurtis, face hidden in shadows behind a newspaper.
  • We also see one or two more significant characters as customers in shops or elsewhere.

4a/ Lara can also have exchanges at various shops and premises including pawn shop, a news kiosk, a general store, an apothecary and an antique shop. Can purchase health items.

4b/ If Lara comes across the OLD CHURCH at this point she finds a gym on the ground floor. Can make a wager with the trainer to beat one of he heavies sparring in the ring. Win and you get the trainer’s gold watch. Lose and you get bruised..."

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Bullet point archive lost levels

1/ PARIS STREETS – dark, angular shadows, rainswept - film‘7’.

29/ CASTLE KRIEGLER – finding the last disc
  • Lara and Kurtis arrive at German-Czech border on Kurtis’ bike
  • They split up – Kurtis draws guards away on his bike
  • Lara heads through primeval misty forest and climbs into the castle ruins
  • Eckhardt is there waiting with Rouzic the Illusionist
  • The Illusionist traps her – takes the painting and give it to Eckhardt  
30/ KURTIS ARRIVES – enters by secret tunnel – PLAY KURTIS
  • He uses the Lux Veritatis symbols from the Trophy Vault to find the LV trance chamber
  • Trances back to 1945 to see what happened to the last disc
  • Sees what really happened there - Eckhardt killing the last LV guardian and taking the third disc
  • Kurtis comes to and finds Eckhardt has taken his two discs!! Shit!!
  • Kurtis is captured – ironically imprisoned where he planned to trap Eckhardt
  • Eckhardt leaves for Turkey with the three discs and the painting
  • Sends the Illusionist to deal with Lara  
  • Battles the Illusionist’s henchmen – cowardly Illusionist escapes - again
  • A golem-monstrosity has been activated by Eckhardt  
  • Lara traps and kills it using an unexploded Allied bomb
  • She escapes through the secret tunnel – takes Kurtis’ bike

Cut scene back to castle interior - see silhouette of Kurtis hanging in Eckhardt’s trap dead/dying
32/ TURKEY – brilliant sunshine.
  • Lara arrives looking for a local guide to the underground city of Gizleme
  • An old man guides her to some ruins then disappears
33/ THE RUINS – THE NEPHILIM SETTLEMENT – sunken ruins, bizarre alien architecture.
  • Lara finds the original site of the Nephilim Periapt Discs
  • Hints about the true power and purpose of the discs (in last levels)
  • Images and history of the ancient race – the Nephilim
  • The old man-guide reappears
  • Reveals himself as one of the Five Cabal, Joachim Karel

  • To gain her confidence he shows Lara other faces he has used to help her during the game – (Lara takes this in her stride because she has run into the Illusionist several times)
  • Karel says Eckhardt is unstable and treacherous – he killed Boaz
  • Karel wants to stop Eckhardt’s whole plan which is:
  1. some insane ritual to transform him into a more evolved being
  2. breeding the Nephilim race again
  • The rest of the Five think he’s going to reward them with longevity
  • Karel needs Lara’s help
  • Tells her the means to sabotage the final ritual can be found in the subterranean   levels (puzzle – mosaic circuitry)..."

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Paris-Prague full story walkthrough


  1. FMV Flashback – a jackel’s head, Von Croy’s apartment in disarray, a striking SYMBOL being daubed on a wall, a glimpse of Lara’s time in the desert, a mysterious SHAMAN figure, an AMULET, violent events at Von Croy’s apartment [ something very ugly and bloody is going on here], Lara with blood on her hands.

  1. Opening FMV sequence. Lara being chased by police and dogs.

  1. ZONE ONE – PARIS BACKSTREETS. Establishing intro. Lara starts in courtyard. She has a torn, blood stained fax with a symbol and an address on it – Mme Carvier’s.

  1. The courtyard is full of ‘practice’ options with a variety of balconies of increasing difficulty. All exits are locked. For new task Lara can enter the TRAINING ZONE.

  1. In a bedsit off one of the balconies items, jewellery etc can be found. These can be pawned later in the game.
  1. Lara can exit the courtyard via A/ a policeman leaving the door to the courtyard open after examining it. B/  climbing down the back of the building.
  1. Stealth intro - Lara is out in the streets and must evade capture by the police.

  1. We overhear police shortwave messages saying the female they are chasing is a murder suspect in what looks like a MONSTRUM serial killing.

  1. Lara enters an apartment building through a back yard using a fire escape - or  - after being captured by police and escaping she enters the apartment building via a door. [The capture and escape are all cutscene.]

  1. The police pursue Lara into the building and force her upwards to the roof. A police helicopter fires at her. She evades the chopper and gets down off the roof using a slowly collapsing drainpipe.
  1. She checks the address on the torn fax page and heads into a more salubrious quarter of Paris. She rings at Carvier’s address and gets let in.
  1. Carvier [and the player] are told that Von Croy is dead. Lara can’t recall clearly [or won’t tell Carvier ] what happened at Von Croy’s apartment.
  1. Carvier tells Lara that Von Croy was working for someone called Eckhardt researching five 15th century Obscura Paintings. Von Croy was terrified of Eckhardt and asked Carvier for help because she works in the Louvre as head of Medieval and Renaissance Europe.
  1. Everyone in Paris is terrified by the serial killer the MONSTRUM.

  1. Carvier has a notebook of Von Croy’s to give to Lara. Depending on whether Lara is friendly or unfriendly she will either get the notebook or have to steal it from the old lady. If the exchange has gone badly Carvier locks herself in a room and rings the Gendarmes as Lara searches for the notebook.
  1. Lara gets out just ahead of a convoy of Gendarmes and makes for a derelict part of town. She holes up in a deserted railway carriage in an abandoned siding.
  1. ZONE TWO – PARIS GHETTO. Next morning - Lara studies the notebook.
  1. THE NOTEBOOK. It  mentions the client Eckhardt who Von Croy is terrified of. There is another name LOUIS BOUCHARD who Von Croy bought a handgun from.  
  1. THE NOTEBOOK There are working notes on the five Obscura Paintings as well as sketches and doodles of odd looking symbols, the word NEPHILIM, weird alphabets and mention of another Obscura Painting in PRAGUE with the name MATHIAS VASILEY..."

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One-page synopsis
Lara has become darker, harder and less tolerant since Egypt. She is on the run, framed for the murder of Von Croy in Paris. Her one-time mentor was murdered after being asked to track down one of five 14th century Obscura Paintings by a sinister character named Eckhardt.  

Lara gets drawn into the dark parallel world of a serial killer – the Monstrum, protected by a shadowy group called The Cabal who run operations in Paris and virtually control Prague. The mood is dark, sinister, dominated by shadows.  

In her struggle to unravel the trail left by Von Croy Lara becomes involved in underworld deals, grotesque murders, the dark side of an advanced form of alchemy and a history of blood, betrayal and vengeance spanning hundreds of years. She also encounters a kindred spirit in Kurtis Trent, a hardened adventurer like herself on the trail of Eckhardt, who is in fact the Monstrum.

The trail leads Lara to the Cabal’s stronghold in Prague - the Strahov Complex. Hidden away in subterranean levels Eckhardt has been working on the means to re-establish an ancient dying race, The Nephilim, reputed to be the hybrid descendants of humans and angels. Eckhardt’s megalomaniac plan is to breed them back into existence and turn their powers to his own advantage.

Eckhardt is the most powerful black alchemist in history. He can only be restrained and defeated by using three objects of power – the Periapt Shards, believed to be a legacy of the mysterious Biblical Nephilim race. Lara’s new ally Kurtis Trent has two of these Shards and, motivated by revenge for Eckhardt killing his father, is trying to locate the third and last Shard. If the three Shards can be reunited Eckhardt can be reincarcerated, if not destroyed in the fortress-prison he escaped from in 1945.

Lara and Kurtis follow the trail of the last Obscura Painting to Prague. Here Eckhardt is protected by The Cabal inside The Strahov Complex. Using a bizarre hybrid of alchemy and hi-tech sciences he has been trying to reawaken one of The Nephilim as part of his plan to breed the neo-Nephilim race with himself as its supreme leader.
Working together Lara and Kurtis have to fight their way through the Cabal to get at Eckhardt and stop his apocalyptic insanity. Lara’s natural ingenuity and skills coupled with Kurtis’ occult abilities are their main resource. But Lara also learns something of the Alchemic principles which are the foundation stone of Eckhardt’s awesome powers. In the final face off she must turn them against the Black Alchemist if there is to be a chance of defeating him.

Most of the Cabal are effectively destroyed even though several of them were not  quite what they seemed. Eckhardt is killed, along with Kurtis. But questions remain. Has the danger truly been averted or has Lara  unwittingly cleared the way for an even greater threat to the future of the human race? Has the evil been destroyed or merely rendered dormant - again? And have we really seen the last of Kurtis?"

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Paris-Prague full story summary

  1. FMV.  A murder scene. Police tape across the doorway. Storm lightening outside. Lara enters wearing combat gear and guns. A Jackal headed walking stick is seen in close up. The walls are daubed with symbols, furniture is smashed. She picks up a shattered photo of herself and Von Croy. Lara stares enigmatically at herself in a mirror.
  1. Continuing FMV. Title: TWO DAYS EARLIER. Lara [in denim] is being chased by police and dogs along streets and into an apartment block. They rip her rucksack off her back as she escapes from a window.  
  1. PARIS BACKSTREETS. Lara on the run from the murder scene. She is a police suspect for Von Croy’s murder. She uses an address from a torn fax to find Mlle Carvier, a friend of Von Croy who works at the Louvre. Lara tells her that Von Croy is dead but the details are hazy. Lara was concussed.
  1. Carvier explains that Von Croy was looking for five Obscura Paintings for someone called Eckhardt. He believed one was in the Louvre
  1. She says Von Croy left Lara a notebook. It contains many clues, mentions Alchemy, the Lux Veritatis and Nephilim. It also mentions a man called Louis Bouchard.  
  1. PARIS GHETTO. By using the notebook and talking to various characters on the streets Lara tracks Bouchard down. He is a gangland boss.  Lara finds his hideout beneath an abandoned church. A hideously injured victim of the Monstrum is there. She meets Bouchard.
  1. Bouchard admits helping Von Croy preparing to get into the Louvre. He can do the same for Lara. His men have been getting killed by the Monstrum serial killer who has Paris terrorised. She needs to go and see the pawnbroker.
  1. Lara arrives at the pawnbroker’s who also helped Von Croy. She finds him dead, killed Monstrum style. She helps herself to weapons stored there and finds maps and info on the Louvre intended for Von Croy.
  1. At the back of the premises a silhouetted figure is watching the building. [Kurtis – Lara has already seen this character twice, in a café and  on the streets getting onto a motorbike.]
  1. Lara escapes a rigged explosion which destroys the pawnbroker’s. She lands on a barge and heads off for the Louvre through the storm drains. The stranger watches from the shadows.
  1. THE MEETING. We see a meeting of Eckhardt and a sinister group called the Cabal in Paris. Eckhardt explains that he has three of the Obscura Paintings already. Now, thanks to Von Croy, he knows the fourth is in the Louvre. He despatches one of the Cabal, Gunderson, to collect it.
  1. THE LOUVRE. Lara uses the maps from the pawnbrokers and clues from Von Croy’s notebook to figure out where the Obscura Painting is inside the Louvre. It’s in a vast, ancient, underground complex guarded by the spirit of a monk who gave his name to the paintings – Bro Obscura. She retrieves it after solving a series of dangerous puzzles.  
  1. She finds useful information on the computer in Carvier’s office. An ancient race called the Nephilim is linked to the Paintings. A secret order of knights called the Lux Veritatis imprisoned an alchemist called Eckhardt in the 1400’s.
  1. And someone in Prague claims know where one of the Paintings is.
  1. A hit squad of the Cabal’s arrives and chases Lara through the Louvre guns blazing.  Lara loses the Painting to the mysterious stranger [Kurtis] who takes it at gunpoint then runs off.  Lara races after him.
  1. Lara comes across Kurtis unconscious. She gets knocked unconscious too. She sees her unidentified attacker apparently changing shape and leaving with the Painting.
  1. Bouchard turns up and helps Lara escape from the Louvre. She picks up a crystal shard dropped by Kurtis and pockets it without Bouchard seeing. He drives her to Von Croy’s apartment where she thinks she will find some vital clues..."

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Angel of Darkness Story Elements
Lara gets framed for Von Croy’s murder and has to go on the run in Paris.
Before Von Croy was murdered he was trying to find one of five Obscura Paintings for a client called Eckhardt.
Lara decides to track down the painting and clear herself at the same time. She finds an old friend of Werner’s, Mlle Carvier, who has Von Croy’s notebook.  
Following clues left by Von Croy she tries to contact an underworld gang boss called Bouchard who helped Von Croy. People on the streets are reluctant to talk. They are terrified because a serial killer called the Monstrum is on the loose.

Lara finds Bouchard and he admits helping Von Croy to get into the Louvre.
We see a meeting of sinister characters discussing the Obscura Painting in the Louvre. It is Eckhardt addressing members of the Cabal. He orders troops to the museum to get the painting.
Lara goes to the Louvre and recovers the Obscura Painting from an archaeological site deep beneath the museum. Heavily armed Cabal troops are waiting for her when she re-emerges. Lara deals with these but loses the painting to a figure wielding an amazing blade weapon that flies – Kurtis.  
Hot in pursuit Lara suddenly comes across the stranger knocked out and the painting gone. His mysterious assailant then strikes her from behind. We see the assailant apparently changing shape and walking off with the painting.
Lara comes around to find Bouchard offering her an escape from the armed troops. When Bouchard’s back is turned she picks up a crystal shard that someone has dropped.
She returns to the crime scene at Von Croy’s apartment and is nearly taken apart by an assassin. Bouchard has set her up.
Lara sorts the assassin out in style and threatens to take care of the treacherous Bouchard later.
Clues on the assassin show he originated in Prague. Other clues, including a recent Monstrum killing in the Czech capital, indicate that Prague is worth checking out. So, next stop, the Czech Republic..."

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