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The Greys' plan outline


1/ Although the Greys' immense wealth and power could almost be seen as a goal in itself it is not the limit of their greed. Extreme secrecy and the practice of obliterating details of their individual origins shrouds not just their identities but their ages.
2/ The Greys have long been obsessed with living long enough to rule over the realms they control. This is why they act as an alliance, to broaden their power base. But the true goal is to achieve immortality - or as near as dammit - and a submissive slave population to rule.
3/ They have dabbled in anything that might extend their natural lifespans from the very darkest means to the most unlikely. Nothing goes unconsidered. Despite all of which their success has been limited. The best they have been able to achieve is limited regeneration dependant on radical surgery, some glandular modification and periodic blood infusions.
4/ Apart from their own mortality they have explored any means of mass control, exotic, modern, ancient or otherwise. They have even spent time trying to create their own slave races, everything from the mythic Homunculus to the Uber-Golem and everything in between.
5/ They have experimented with every conceivable combination of hi-tech DNA mapping, vivisection, genetic mutations, outlandish plant life, demonic influences, mutagen viruses, blood leaching, anything that might yield a secret of how to extend life. They have explored every legend, fable, rumour, folktale and myth for the tiniest grain of truth it might contain. They have mounted expeditions to remote regions everywhere and plundered the secret wisdom of countless tribes and races.
6/ One of their greatest hopes was the possibility of breeding between mortals and immortals. But where to find an immortal? Extensive research was carried out into legends of such races in the past, such as the Nephilim of the Enochian gospels said to be the offspring of fallen angels and humans. Evidence of their now extinct civilisation still exists in the remoter parts of central Turkey and the near East.
7/ It was one of their archaeological expeditions in Central Anatolia that Lara unwittingly witnessed in Cappadocia in 1991. She thought nothing of it at the time but it alerted them to an extraordinarily resourceful young woman that they might be able to make use of at some later date.
8/ But with all their efforts their results were limited - until they came across evidence of a singularly abnormal individual, a mortal cursed by demons and subjected to the Mortua Vivendi, Living Death. And they found him delving about in the underground cities of Cappadocia close to the site of one of their own abandonned digs.
9/ The effect on the Greys was not immediate. None of them could credit the skimpy evidence relating to Pieter van Eckhardt at first. But when it became clear that there was something to their suspicions they put him under intense scrutiny and began to nurture the clearly insane creature without him finding out.
10/ Posing as followers some of them allowed Eckhardt to extracted a blood contract from them whereby they swore on their souls to stand by him unto death in the final confrontation with his arch nemesis the pit demon. For this they would share with him when he broke into the citadel of unending life. It was gibberish to them but it was a belief system that made him function and they didn't want to challenge it. His sanity was a precariously balanced commodity.
11/ The Greys' greatest hope lies in the deepest regions of the subterranean desert cities. Their eternity could rely on the lunatic hybrid of ancient alchemical apparatus grafted onto state of the art hi-tech equipment which Eckhardt has assembled there."


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The Two Artifacts
[The Two Artifacts]


1/ When Pieter Van Eckhardt originally set out in 1345 to summon daemons and bargain for immortality he needed two things:
  • A SUMMONING ARTIFACT to raise the daemons
  • A CONFINING ARTIFACT to control the spirits and bind them to his bidding.

2/ He eventually got hold of two such objects of dark power. Using the objects he successfully raised the daemons and signed a pact for 100 years of extended life.

3/ 100 years later in 1445 the daemons turned up for the reckoning. But Eckhardt had used his time planning a way to avoid paying with his soul. He had created an occult wall of defence, the Five Images or Five Gates of Defence. They were created using the blood of ritualistically murdered victims. He successfully thwarted the daemons’ plans to snatch away his soul.

4/ Unfortunately for him the painter whom Eckhardt had forced to paint the images had cheated him too. The images were not complete and contained a hidden message which the daemons could read. They could not take his soul but they did bury him in a plague pit to suffer the Mortua Vivendi, the Living Death. The TWO ARTIFACTS are buried in the pit too.

5/ The Five Images or Paintings were dispersed and hidden by the daemons because they were unable to destroy them.

6/ In 1580 another daemonologist and alchemist JAN KUPECKY studying the coded work of Pieter Van Eckhardt discovered the whereabouts of the pit and the Two Artifacts and created the opening for Eckhardt to get free. Not realising his folly till it was too late he was immediately buried in the pit in Eckhardt’s place along with the CONFINING ARTIFACT.

7 Eckhardt escaped with the SUMMONING ARTIFACT. He could afford to leave the second artifact where it was until he needed it. He was intent on performing the daemonic summoning a second time and getting it right.

8/ He never succeeded. He was hounded by the LUX VERITATIS and in 1745 they caught up with Eckhardt and confined him deep in Castle Kriegler using powers of their own centred on THREE PERIATPS.

9/ These circular metal discs of power for good were reputed to have been forged by a race of beings, the Nephilim, descended from the interbreeding of angels and mortals living in remotest Turkey. They were brought back from the middle east by the Knights Templar who later founded the Lux Veritatis to safeguard against such monsters as Eckhardt. When the Knights Templar were disbanded (allegedly) the Lux Veritatis continued in their single secret task of guardianship.

10/ When Eckhardt is released by the Allied bombing of the castle in 1945 he has to abandon the SUMMONING ARTIFACT in the ruins. He knows it is safe there and he can return at any time to reclaim it.

11/ So…by 2001 the CONFINING ARTIFACT is in the plague pit in Prague and the SUMMONING ARTIFACT is in the ruins of Castle Kriegler on the German Czech border.

12/ All of the descendants of the Lux Veritatis have been hunted down by Eckhardt. All of his other preparations are nearing completion. He is on the track of the FIVE PAINTINGS and his quest to refine an immortality serum is nearly finished. It is almost time for TWO ARTIFACTS to be brought together again."

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Eckhardt's story and Lara's involvement
[Alchemist Eck-short]

After his release from Schloss Kriegler in 1945 Van Eckhardt had become [Monstrum - The Abomination] disappeared in the chaos of post war Europe. He spent decades eluding members of the Lux Veritatis, most notably the servant Gerhard Heissturm and later his son Konstantin. He moved between European cities and remote middle eastern regions where his activities attracted less attention. Wherever he went he would engage in bouts of deranged killing.
The press sensationalised an already gruesome story by speculating wildly saying the killings were vampire/Nosferatu related.
The hideously withered husk Eckhardt had become could never pass as truly human. He could appear 'normal' but this was a façade and took considerable energy to maintain. He needed to take life to recharge his energy.
This physical malleability/instability/limited shape-shifting gave Eckhardt a useful edge when evading capture.
He set about restoring his human appearance using the knowledge and resources he knew best. Alchemy. Once he achieved that his powers would increase.
Constantly in search of a sanctuary to work in he came across the underground cities of Cappadocia in central Turkey. This was the perfect location. Remote, relatively unknown outside of Turkey, largely unexplored and easily defensible.

Around the mid 60's, he unknowingly encountered a secret Alliance of seven exceptionally ruthless individuals in positions of power and influence throughout the world. Loosely termed 'Greys'. This Alliance acted remorselessly for mutual benefit and advantage, often illegally. They had information gathering agencies in every country and were constantly on the lookout for anything outstanding, bizarre or rare that might yield an advantage. They fought to control everything:
  • medical research
  • the media, armaments
  • communication technology, construction and mining
  • exploitation of rare flora and fauna, monopolies in transport
  • giant corporate law firms
  • research into obscure sciences, banking, industrial and manufacturing interests

The unprincipled accumulation of wealth and power from any source was their over ruling law.
When the grotesque case of Eckhardt first came to their attention, they did not realise what a staggeringly unique opportunity he presented. Then they began to suspect what he was trying to achieve. A longevity serum! In modern terms the isolation of an ETERNITY GENE. They began to protect him covertly and fund his bizarre project. If he could succeed this was the biggest stake of all. Everything else paled into insignificance!
Over the next decades they helped him create the subterranean bunkers below the deepest layers of the Cappadocian labyrinths. Complex hive-like nests of tunnels already existed, often with links to other city nests fifteen or twenty kilometres away. But Eckhardt dug deeper still.  

When the Greys began to see the results of his efforts [and their investment in him so far] some of them, with the agreement of the others, made themselves known to him. They posed as his followers in order to assist his work. Not wishing to interfere with the grotesquely antiquated way of working, and having no scruples about how he achieved his aims, they supported his gothic excesses. To him it was the ultimate alchemical quest. To them it was genetic research of incredible potential..."

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Next Gen initial story background


1/ After Eckhardt had reneged on his 100 years life pact and frustrated the demons from collecting his soul in 1445 the demons were not content to leave it at that. They want Eckhardt tidied away in hell, as per pact. Confining him to the Mortua Vivendi, Living Death, of the pit was not enough. They wanted his soul.

2/ Eckhardt is set free, twice. The first time was by a meddling alchemist in 1580 (who ended up in the pit in Eckhardt’s place for his trouble). Eckhardt was then tracked down by the Lux Veritatis in 1745 and confined again in Schloss Kriegler. It was from here that he was again released in 1945.

2/ Around 1586 Emperor Rudolph II was approached by a team of five Alchemists led by Master Theodoric Lerak a reputed and successful sorcerer from St Petersburg. He claimed they could transmute the plentiful silver of the region into gold. The Emperor established the team with working quarters in the Powder Tower in Prague.

3/ After performing various gold related tasks for the Emperor the team of Five went underground during a period of violent persecution and remained hidden from that point on. The alliance of Five remained secret but active for hundreds of years accepting new initiates whenever existing members died or suffered mishaps. But the leader, Master Theodoric, was rumoured to be the same person for over four hundred years. He changed his name and even his appearance but the rumours persisted and the belief was that he must have sold his soul.

4/ In the present day there is a secret alliance of five individuals who call themselves simply The Five. They make no claims of any kind to be the five Alchemists. They shun publicity. They are five, extremely ruthless, sinister individuals with many secret agendas. Their pasts and ages have all been covered up.

5/ Unknown to anyone, except for hints and a late revelation in the last part of the game, the leader of The Five is a semi-human semi-immortal, the last of the Nephilim. His/her vision is to re-establish his/her ancient race. To do this mortals must be interbred with immortals - angels or devils, either would do.
(This quasi-human could be any of the five, male or female.)

6/ The Nephilim has made a pact with the pit demons. He agrees to help them collect their due and reclaim Eckhardt’s soul. He will do this by supporting Eckhardt’s insane attempt to stabilise his human form and repeat the daemonic summoning ritual in which the mad alchemist hopes to be successful this time and gain total control over the demons.

7/ Eckhardt is easy to convince of this because he is deranged, power mad and desperately needs to stabilise his unpredictable human form which keeps slipping into hideous gargoylosity whenever he hasn’t killed recently. He is so focused on his own spittle flecked plan that he doesn’t question the motives of those asking him to become his acolytes and serve him (members of The Five).

8/ The Nephilim is acting for the demons to get Eckhardt but also wants the results of Eckhardt’s longevity serum for the Nephilim breeding programme. If Eckhardt’s serum is truly potent it will make re-establishing the Nephilim race that much easier if the human part of the programme is already part immortal..."

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Next Gen location ideas


BACK STREETS - rain swept, night time, dark-brooding, dilapidated. Avoiding the
Police, swinging about on rooftops. Must get to an address written on a scrap of paper. We overhear police wavelengths that Lara is wanted for the murder of Jean Yves who has been brutally carved up. Gendarmes think the current suspect could be the serial killer The Monstrum on another rampage.

MmME CARVIER’S FLAT– For information and help and first ideas of what Jean Yves’ death has got Lara involved in. She has his notebook. Cannot remember if she actually did kill Yves. Her being slugged/drugged makes everything fragmented. Best lead is to follow up what Jean Yves was looking into – this painting in the Louvre. Lara didn’t come to Paris expecting this kind of action and needs kitting out for a stealth mission.

LOUIS BOUCHARD’s – dodgy garlic geezer, backstreet dealer in ex-forces equipment - sells ropes, grappling hooks, generic break-in gear, chloroform, gas bombs, latest hi-tech kevlar vests etc. (Louis is one of Kurtis’ contacts in Paris for blackmarket gear etc)

CITY PLANNING OFFICE – or architects office for maps & layout of the Louvre.

JEAN YVES’FLAT (?) - revisit the scene of the crime – search for extra clues.
[flashback of Yves’ shooting?]. Picks up further clues about:

  1. the paintings
  2. the people who hired Jean Yves
  3. the Monstrum’s activities
  4. something called The Nephilim in Turkey
  5. the Prague link.

She overhears a newscast about a new murder victim in Prague. It has the telltale style of The Monstrum just like Jean Yves.

THE LOUVRE. Gaining entry, avoiding guards, security lasers etc. Possibly steals a
guard’s gun. The painting is in a heavily secluded vault. The original image has been painted over. Lara has to X-ray it to reveal the hidden layer mentioned in Yves’ notes. She also notices a set of cryptic symbols along one edge and store them on her notepad. On the way out she:

  1. has her first run in with Kurtis Trent. He gets away with the painting.
  1. Lara gets caught by gendarmerie special forces alerted by an alarm. She is sprung by the unknown guy (Kurtis) or gets away under her own steam.

In any event she unknowingly has what she needs from the painting if not the painting itself – the hidden symbols.

[Kurtis: for why Kurtis Trent has turned up and his connection with The Five and The Agency see notes elsewhere. But for now it is enough that he knows who The Agency is and is using them to find Eckhardt to revenge his father.]..."

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Story reshuffle post-removal of Turkey locations
The background to most of this stuff has already been worked out and circulated but for the sake of anyone who can’t quite recall the relevant details (!!!*!!) I will note which ones apply – or, BETTER STILL, if you’re interested, just ask me and I can email them to you.

RECAP ON THE BACKSTORY: (skip this if background doesn’t interest you. Go to section - ECKHARDT 1945 AND AFTER).
After Eckhardt made a pact with the Nephilim (1345) and was granted an extended 100 years of life to complete the tasks they gave him he began his series of experimental ‘Communities’ scattered throughout remote parts of Europe. These Communities were breeding experiments to produce improved humans fit for the Nephilim to breed with and re-establish their race.  
  • 1345 Eckhardt returns to Europe
  • Starting ‘The Great Work’
  • The Communities
  • Human breeding stock
  • Etc
These isolated communities not only improved the imprisoned human stock but provided Eckhardt, and the other members of the early 14th century Cabal, with slave labour. They were used to build a series of strongholds and secret facilities throughout Renaissance Europe where further experimentation could be carried on in secret.
When Eckhardt betrayed and managed to kill off or maim the other members of the Cabal he was free to use the slave resources for his own purposes. In a remote mountain region on the borders of Bohemia and Saxony (14th century Czechoslovakia and Germany) he excavated a massive subterranean labyrinth where he planned to carry on his work uninterrupted. It was based on the extensive underground cities he had witnessed in Cappadocia Turkey where he had first met with the Nephilim.
He planned to renege on his pact with the Nephilim at the end of his 100 years grace. Always a treacherous no-good he would subdue them and take over their plans to re-established their race. Deep below ground he planned to use his advanced alchemical skills to convert himself into a kind of hybrid Nephilim. Once his transformation was complete he would rule over the new race of beings..."

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Full index/glossary

THE AGENCY – private security forces and enforcement arm of The Cabal. They also hire out operational forces for private or public security in areas that may prove profitable to the Cabal’s own interests. Main operational centres based in Munich, Prague and Paris. All are under the overall control of Joachim Karel, but run by Marten Gunderson.
ALCHEMY GLOVE – a protective device of wires, straps and rods Eckhardt uses when transmuting elements. Used in conjunction with the keys of Prima Materia pure elements which he wears on a kind of key ring.
THE AMULETa talisman given to Lara by the Shaman who tutors her in the deserts after Egypt. It enables Lara to call on and enhance her natural skills and strengths.

THE CABAL (five alchemist Cabal) – a powerful alliance of five self serving individuals. Descended from the original Five Alchemists, the Cabal of Five. After Eckhardt’s betrayal of his guild brother alchemists back in the 1400’s the survivors formed the cabal for purposes of revenge. Present day members of the Cabal have no interest in revenge and have been seduced by Eckhardt’s promise of longevity. The Cabal have also been infiltrated by one of the Nephilim – Shapeshifter in the persona of Joachim Karel.
THE FIVE OBSCURA PAINTINGS – originally five images created by Eckhardt, the Black Alchemist, in the late 1300’s to early 1400’s. Each Painting is like a Russian icon on a thick wooden base and contains one of five separate metal symbols of occult power. These alchemically refined metal symbols are embedded in the thick wood. When they are fused together they form the Sanglyph.  
When Eckhardt was defeated by the Lux Veritatis the five Paintings were dispersed to Christian strongholds throughout Europe where they were overpainted with suitable Christian imagery. This was done by a deaf mute monk on the orders of the Lux Veritatis. Because the originals date from the late 1300’s but the eventual approved images date from the mid 1400’s scholars debate whether the Paintings should be classed as 14th or 15th century.
OBSCURA ENGRAVINGS AND MAPS – a series of engravings based on the forbidden sketches of Brother Obscura, a deaf-mute 15th century monk who was ordered to paint over the original images of Eckhardt’s evil works. Brother Obscura made records of the original five images of the Paintings and their hidden metallic symbols in the Nephilim alphabet. These sketched records were tracked down and three sets of
Engravings were produced. Each Engraving contains an encoded map showing the location of the Painting it relates to.  
KRIEGLER CASTLE – original location of one of Eckhardt’s 14th century subterranean labs. Then it became the stronghold of the Lux Veritatis where Eckhardt was kept confined in a pit until 1945. Present day it appears as ruins though secretly the deepest levels are partially intact..."

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Who says what and when

  1. Mlle Carvier
  2. Von Croy’s notebook  
  3. Carvier’s office
  4. Von Croy’s apartment – Vasiley’s faxes
  1. Bouchard-Karel-Sh/Shifter at Vasiley’s premises
  2. Kurtis
  3. Old knight’s book in Vault of T. (mention of the metallic symbols)
  4. Eckhardt’s alchemy lab notes. (mention of the metallic symbols)

  1. Von Croy’s notebook  
  2. Carvier’s office  
  3. Von Croy’s apartment – Vasiley’s faxes
  1. Bouchard-Karel-Sh/Shifter
  1. Von Croy’s notebook
  2. Carvier’s office in the Louvre
  3. Von Croy’s apartment
  4. Bouchard in car with Lara mentions Vasiley
  5. Bouchard on mobile outside Von Croy’s apartment
  6. Business card on assassin’s body.
  1. Janice
  2. Newspaper – London Times  
  3. Radio report heard on the street..."

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Historical key dates
1st CRUSADE 1096-1099
2nd 1147-1149
3rd 1189-1192 Richard Lionheart.
4th 1202-1204
   Children’s Crusade 1202
5th 1218-1221
6th 1228-1229
7th 1248-1254
Knights Templar 1118-1314 Suppressed at the burning of Jacques de Molay.
Lux Veritatis   1176-? ? Still active in 20th century.
LV take Periapts 1203 From looted Nephilim site.
LV destroy Sleepers 1248-1254 During last Crusade. Destroyed 2 of 3?
Inquisition ? 1229? Founded by Dominicans.
Cathars   1244 Albigensians crushed at Montsegur.
Eckhardt born 1294
(20yrs) 1314 Initiated into Cabal of 6 Black Alchemists
(51yrs) 1345 Perfected Alchemical skills. Goes to Turkey.
(131yrs) 1425 Sanglyph completed – metal parts.
(151yrs) 1445 The Nephilim reckoning..."

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Illustrations list

  1. Painting of Eckhardt’s confinement suit – done! [Prints appear in Carvier’s office, Von Croy’s apartment & Vasiley’s premises].
  1. Hand drawn, manuscript version of the above. [Appears in the Vault of Trophies Book].
  1. Original Sanglyph ‘Images of Blood’. [We only ever see these in manuscript form, copied into the Vault of Trophies Book].
  1. Obscura Paintings. The last two Paintings we see up close. The first three are just glimpsed when Eckhardt is burning them to get at the metal symbols inside.
  1. Obscura Engravings. The fifth and last has a lot of details to be designed into it. See the sheet for details.
  1. Photographs. Luddick’s dossier photos of the Cabal and Bouchard. Also Von Croy & Lara. Also Vasiley & daughter.
  1. Torn fax: from the opening of the game.
  1. Diagram of Lux Veritatis lock on the Louvre buttress, with clues. For VC’s notebook.
  1. Diagrammatic chart showing the Obscura Paintings and their corresponding Obscura Engravings linked. [Appears in Von Croy’s notebook, Carvier’s office & Von Croy’s apartment.]
  1. Manuscript page showing the three Periapt Shards glowing and confining evil. [Appears in Vasiley’s premises & the Vault of Trophies.]
  1. Chart of the five metallic symbols united to form the Sanglyph. [Appears the Vault of Trophies.]
  1. Manuscript page showing the original Sanglyph ‘Images of Blood’ and the Obscura Paintings that covered them. [Appears the Vault of Trophies.]
  1. Blueprint drawing of the Glove prototype and how it fits onto the assembled Sanglyph. [Appears in Eckhardt’s old lab.]
  1. There are other faxes between Carvier & Von Croy, Vasiley & Carvier, Vasiley & Von Croy.
  1. Vasiley’s website.
  1. Posters/photos of Cappadocia in Turkey. [On walls of Carvier’s office.]
  1. Alchemical alphabets & symbols.
  1. Nephilim alphabets & symbols."
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Story synopsis English-French
"Le 14 Février 2003,
Joyeuse St-Valentin et Joyeux Anniversaire Lara !
A series of grisly murders brings Lara into conflict with a sinister Alchemist from the past, and a secret alliance of powerful individuals shrouded in mystery.  At the center
of these mysteries are the Obscura Paintings - five 14th century pieces of art that the Alchemist is desperate to repossess.  Accused of the murder of her one time mentor,
Werner Von Croy, Lara becomes a fugitive on the run. Pursued by the police, she follows the Alchemist into a dark world of blood, betrayal and vengeance where it is up to her to defeat this unholy alliance, and stop them from unleashing their incredible powers on the world.
Une série de meurtres macabres met Lara aux prises avec un Alchimiste surgi du passé et une mystérieuse alliance de puissants personnages. Au cœur de ce mystère se trouvent les Peintures d'Obscura, cinq oeuvres du 14e siècle que l'Alchimiste cherche désespérément à récupérer. Accusée du meurtre de son ancien mentor, Von Croy, Lara devient une fugitive. La police aux trousses, elle se lance à la poursuite de l'Alchimiste dans un monde d'intrigues, de trahisons et de vengeances, où elle devra défier l'alliance impie et l'empêcher de lâcher ses terribles pouvoirs sur le monde.

Recent events have cast a shadow over Lara's life.  Radically changed after her near-death experience in Egypt, Lara has become harder, darker and less tolerant.  Whatever happened there has left its mark and she has withdrawn from contact with anyone from her previous life.  No one can get through.  She refuses to confirm or deny rumors about time spent among obscure North African tribes, but whatever happened after Egypt has caused her to become almost a recluse since her return.  The dark memories that haunt her remain locked inside.  And no one risks getting close enough to ask.
Ses récentes mésaventures ont assombri la vie de Lara. Frôler la mort en Egypte l'a radicalement endurcie, elle est devenue ombrageuse et moins ouverte. Ce qui lui est arrivé l'a tant marquée qu'elle a coupé les ponts avec tout ce qui constituait sa vie d'avant, elle ne laisse plus personne l'approcher. Elle ne confirme ni n'infirme les rumeurs qui voudraient qu'elle ait passé un certain temps auprès d'une mystérieuse tribu d'Afrique du nord, mais quoi qu'elle ait pu faire après l'Egypte semble l'avoir plongée dans une solitude presque totale. Ses pires cauchemars sont profondément ancrés nul n'ose être assez curieux pour les découvrir.."

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AoD book influences


  • From the Ashes of Angels by Andrew Collins.
  • Gods of Eden by Andrew Collins.
  • Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock.
  •  Morning of the Magicians by Pauwels & Bergier, also published as The Dawn of Magic.
  •  Holy Blood Holy Grail by Baigent, Leigh & Lincoln.
  •  The Code Book by Simon Singh. The Book of Enoch (of course).
  •  The Concise Encyclopaedia of Archaeology.
  •  Secret Underground Cities by N J McCamley.
  •  Ur of the Chaldees, Digging Up The Past & A Forgotten Kingdom all by Sir Leonard Wooley.
  •  The World Atlas of Treasure by Dereck Wilson.
  •  Philip Jose Farmer’s Wold Newton Universe.
  •  Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. (so much better than the film).
  •  Genesis by W A Harbinson. (part of the Projekt Saucer trilogy).
  •  Planetary by Warren Ellis"

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