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The Shadow Histories: The first three volumes

VOLUME ONE: The Empty Land
Everything you know about the history of our world is untrue. In a world recovering from disaster, exceptional individuals will often come to the fore.

Cody Conmar is one of them.

Living in a quiet Cheshire village in the heart of Recovering Britain, Cody is protected from the forces which have raged in the shadows of human history for centuries. But the Aelim–Chameleon wars are about to erupt into her life, sweeping her up in a conflict that will change her world forever.

She must awaken to who she is and rediscover the extent of her astonishing abilities in order to master arcane weaponry, battle Orowghasts, Vil-kind, Bestials, and the voracious Chameleon predators. And if she can identify her true allies, it may be possible to avert the coming of a second darkness to the Recovering Isles of Britain.

VOLUME TWO: The Severed Twin
Revelations, nightmares, and Vil-breed await Cody Conmar as she searches the remote regions of post-Event Britain to locate her lost twin, Lucian. It is a race against time, but in her prematurely awakened state she is still vulnerable. The inner turmoil of her mysterious past creates conflicts within her own mind. And yet, armed with newly awakened instincts and barely controllable abilities, she must defeat every form of Shadow-breed and treachery that her Chameleon enemies can throw at her.

So far, her phantom limb – the Scaedu Folm – has saved her life, but what if it should prove to be something beyond her control, with a life of its own?

As the nature of her new role in the Shadow Wars begins to become clear, Cody realises she must enter the subterranean Breeding Vaults of the Technosages. This realm of malice lies at the heart of a festering labyrinth of nightmares. Lucian could be somewhere in those hellish depths, subjected to unimaginable torments. He may even have become Orowghast, a shadow slave.

Cody knows he is still redeemable, but her own time is running out. It is a path through madness and brutality. Only the certainty of death lies ahead.

She must make certain the death is not her own – or her brother’s.

VOLUME THREE: The New Shadow Wars
It is two years since the scouring of Svilhelm. Cody Conmar has gone rogue and is pursuing a covert and merciless personal war against every manifestation of Chameleon activity in post-Event Britain. Following the aftermath of the horrendous conflict with Bella, no Eloin or Sufinam knows where the young Eloin is since she vanished from the healing chambers of Bawnhaven.
Alerted to the likelihood of treachery within the human-Eloin ranks, Cody trusts no one. Actively recruiting new allies for her Yoldash companionship, she is seeking individuals with the talents and abilities to help her locate and annihilate Chameleon Lord Jerphanion, who continues to hold her brother Lucian prisoner.

Cody has been tracking a new abomination known as Acun. This neo-Breed is reputed to wield a Scaedu Folm, a phantom limb, more devastating than her own. Could this be possible? From her contacts within the Mainland Protectorate, she knows that Edwin Kanulf has unearthed evidence of a deranged Technosage conspiracy to cultivate a neo-virus. This Virulus Project has the potential to be as devastating as the Bloom outbreak. A Second Storm is coming!

Meanwhile, Peter Loren has been monitoring a series of stealth convoys, megalithic trucks transporting cargoes across the remote regions of the Empty Lands. Are there links between Technosage agents and a sinister industrial conglomerate seeking to unlock the secrets of the Bloom Tar Pits?

And why is the colossal Atlantic submersible, The Immortilus, approaching our shores?

When everything is at stake, question everything, harshly. If need be, test everything – to destruction!
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