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Being asked if I’d be up for writing a novel or guide book about AOD:

It’s a question I’ve been asked quite a lot, and I’ve pondered on it from time to time - would I want to write a guide book about AOD or even a novel about the world of AOD … tho I’d have to change all the character names because of copyright etc.
I have considered a non-TR version of the continuing story. Wouldn't THAT be a blast. Actually a very large amount of the things I've wanted to put into the public domain have been posted online already in different locations somewhere. It's all there, mostly in note form, granted, but it IS there. And I have to say that it would be a fun challenge to bring it all together at some point in the future. It would help if I thought there’d be some interest in it, especially if I was to invest such a large amount to time and energy in organising all those notes and scribbles.
A great many of the original first-thoughts and initial jottings still exist. I found over thirty pages of them quite recently, mouldering at the bottom of an old box of TR merchandise. I thought I’d burnt all of them years ago!
The way much of AOD was written was I’d just bash all and any ideas down, hundreds of scribblings and sketches onto paper, and worry about getting 'em into shape when all the white-heat-excitement had died down. I often describe it as trying to steer a herd of wild stallions into some kind of coherence. Then I got to cherry pick the ideas that worked and see if they could be woven into a coherent storyline and take the narrative forward. It's exciting but needs a LOT of focus. If I did take that on again, with no guarantee there’d be finances or a readership, it’d need a pretty big commitment on my part.
What I’d love to do is look into Kurtis’ backstory in some detail showing how it came into synch with the AOD timeline. I can’t be sure how successful that'll be as a stand alone work but it would surely be an item of interest to some fans, I’d think.

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