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Herogues Gallery
Morgau Vasiley and Baetyls Gallery
Notes and Sketches Gallery
Murti's Original Angel of Darkness Development Notes

The following scanned images represent Murti's original hand-drawn notes created during the early development phase of The Angel of Darkness.
Signatures Gallery

All signatures handwritten by Eric Loren (voice of Kurtis Trent).
Kurtis Trent's Journal

Murti Schofield originally created Kurtis Trent's Journal as part of the Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony project.


"Throughout his wide ranging travels, Kurtis has always, like any true rock n’ roll adventurer, kept a journal – a field record of the challenges he has tackled, the wildly diverse locations he has travelled in, the enigmas he has solved (or tried to), and the characters he has encountered, fought, or put down. These ragged and beaten-up journals record key information from many of Kurtis’ travels and adventures.

The Journal is not a narrative. It is not even chronological. It does not explain things or tell a story, except by inference.

Instead, Kurtis’ scribbled notes, sketches and observations cover an eclectic range of extraordinary subjects. It is an apparently disorganised accumulation of aides memoire and cryptic musings on what they might possibly mean. To the unaccustomed eye, it may appear as a jumble of unconnected images and data that only highlight questions rather than provide answers. But there most definitely is order… of a kind.

Sometimes there are entries lifted or copied from his father Konstantin’s inherited journal, or even, on occasion, from his grandfather Gerhardt’s journal.

The journals themselves are battered and scuffed with pasted-in maps, illustrations, scraps of vellum, sketches, hand-drawn schematics, wax rubbings, pencilled images, codes, glyphs, photos, symbols, cuttings, tracings, and all the untidy jottings of many years’ investigations and study.

The wrap-around leather cord loops through a silver concho disc and carries a small replica of a Baetyl training stone carved from bone. The disk is a keepsake from tribal Navajo links on his mother’s side. The Baetyl is a token from his early Lux Veritatis training days.

Of course, the Journal will only contain notes on items up to and immediately prior to events in the AOD timeline.

Many of the story elements touched on in the Journal are dealt with more fully in documents and articles dealing with the massive amount of background detail to AoD, and will be available online by the time the K Journals are on release."
Kurtis Trent's Journal – ADDITIONAL PAGES

The first THREE extra pages of the new Kurtis Reissue version of the Journal were originally completed as prizes for 2022's celebration of AoD in Derby. The  FOURTH page was done for 2023's TR Event in Derby. And the FIFTH sepia page was something I completed for a friend who I’m sure won’t mind me including it in here as a Kurtis page.

* * * PHYSICAL COPIES now available! * * *
Physical copies of the Kurtis Trent Journal, lovingly handmade using real leather, are available to purchase from Tracey's Handmade Crafts.
Please follow the link below to message Tracey and enquire for more information.

Derby TR26 Original Pages

Murti Schofield created these three original pages of sketches at the request of Chris Carpineti/Raidercast. The original drawings were prizes for a raffle held at Derby's TR26 event in October 2022. The sketches, like the Kurtis Trent journal, contain symbols and clues that reference people, events, and places across the Angel of Darkness story.
Copyright (c) 2024 Murti Schofield. Lara Croft and Tomb Raider are the property of Embracer Group AB and Crystal Dynamics (formally Core Design, Eidos Interactive, and Square Enix).
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