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The Eloin

Eloin, sometimes termed Emergents, are the next stage in human evolution. When mature, these rare individuals develop augmented abilities such as hyper-empathy; this is not mind reading as such, but an ability to tune into a whole spectrum of unconscious and higher-level functions in another person which that individual would not be aware of in themselves. Eloin are also able to influence a person’s emotional state, steering their behaviour into specific responses. Some have the ability to control their own electrical/soma fields, allowing them to manipulate physical objects at a vibrational level. There is a whole range of other supra-human sensitivities they might develop as they mature.
Eloin ‘regenerate’ every 81 years emerging after a nine-month period of dormancy inside a chrysalis-like cocoon. At this stage, their totally reconfigured bodies have the appearance of a nine-year-old child. They will have no recollection of their earlier lives or abilities. As they reach maturity at around 18 years (their apparent physical age), they are guided through a series of learning experiences, gradually revealing who and what they truly are. This process is controlled by Guardians appointed to them by a higher intelligence.
At the time of events in the first volume, The Empty Land, Cody has been living in the Cheshire village of Clayton Bar for three years with people she believes are her parents. Her appearance is that of a twelve-year-old girl.

NB: Eloin (or Eloigne) literally means ‘remove to a distance and keep hidden’.
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