Electronic Global Linkup - Murti Schofield

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The ELECTRONIC GLOBAL LINKUP aka the EGL is the international network linking all computers around the globe in Cody’s world. After the twin disasters of Bloom and the Fimbulwinter, much of the infrastructure needed to maintain international communications had been destroyed. So much of the Earth’s surface had been devastated by the blue nano-fungus that only fragments of functioning technology could be salvaged. It was only through the efforts of Professors Bernard Timmersly and Nate Limberton, working at the New Oxford Technology Institute, that a new form of internet was slowly re-established – the Electronic Global Linkup.
Computers were a rare item in Recovering Britain and only available to the public in some schools, libraries, business facilities, and medical centres. Almost no private homes could boast a computer of any kind.
All netsites have the prefix ‘egl’, e.g. ‘egl.shadowhistories’ for information on the many secret and forgotten wars that have been fought throughout history.
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